gryles clothing sharing 😭😔😔

weasel_simpson: Thanks for the photo @grimmers #lastdayatthebbc #travelling

He says, ‘This is weird, but I miss you.’ - which is weird. What do I reply?

— Nick about Ashton’s tweet after playing Don’t Stop


the team THE TEAM saying that that it WAS weird that ashton tweeted that cos he doesn’t even follow nick then deciding it must have been harry that hacked ashton’s phone and tweeted that like WHAT IS HAPPENING this week


cont. of this.

Grimmy: I reckon Harry’s the creepiest one, he looks like Tim Burton drew him. (R1 Breakfast Show, 17/9/14)

i meannnnn okay nick, whatever you say, but this here? is pretty much photorealism. i could’ve drawn this blind. the film frankenweenie basically stars you and your new dog. I AM JUST SAYING.


So there’s a twitter trending topic of #whenihearamnesia and my answer is “cry over nick grimshaw crying over this song.” 

*lowkey hopes for harry to reply to that tweet too*

that tweet feels to me so much like when someone tells you a joke and you immediately go WAIT I MUST TELL MY BEST FRIEND THEY WOULD LOVE THIS JOKE and thinking abt that makes me so sad

honestly gryles has never let me down they always come through in the end and ALWAYS in a big way and that’s why i’ll keep the hope alive forever 


The fact that grimmy changed @onedirection into @harry_styles and added 👬 made everything even better

someone teach nick a little RESPECT please 



but can we talk about how he used the ‘two men holding hands’ emoji?


and that it’s basically about these damn pics


like what the heck nick you’re hurting my poor heart here :(