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ok but i just wanna talk about nick and harry slotting together effortlessly… how when nick met harry, it just sort of all fell into place. like without him knowing he was looking for his soulmate, he found it. there was no fanfare or massive revelation. it was just a “hello, there you are, welcome home” 

Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?

— Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss


People’s reaction to teen Nick is always amazing. (x)


The one where a discussion of Nick and Rita dating demonstrates why Nick and Rita should never ever date. Aside from the obvious of course XD



nick on rita’s instagram lol

i don’t care what the actual story is, in my head, harry returned from tour and went straight to nick’s house and dumped all his stuff there so now nick’s just digging thru the rubble and picking up the clothes he likes aka the ones they’ve already paraded about in before 

Nick and Dan talk about Ol’ Barfy Styles.

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yesterday he wore the shirt and today he’s wearing the jacket.


i’m fine. i’M FINE.


WHY is nick wearing all the gryles clothes this month (the shirt, sponge direction shirt, the jacket, calling him on handsfree and crashing his car). IS THIS YOUR MATING CALL TO HARRY TO BEG HIM TO PLEASE COME HOME?