End of the free download this week. Who is Nick’s favorite in the 1975??????? (thanks starsadrift for the heads-up of adorable teasing)

"why do people on tumblr not like us talking about tumblr?" 

well, nicholas, it’s mostly bc we talk about you sticking ur dick into harry styles’ ass a million times over in a million different ways. that is all 

why do people on tumblr not like it when we talk about tumblr? is it like fight club? so I probably shouldn’t talk about it on the radio 1 breakfast show really, should i? also, not that secret. millions of people on it. they never like us talking about it, we always get really aggressive texts like “shut up about tumblr, tumblr’s for us”. so we’re gonna have tumblr-beef i imagine right now.

— nick grimshaw

a public appeal to all the writers that i’m friends/mutuals with, pls pls pls pls take part in the gryles fic exchange. thank you love you 

and next, during a late night nick grimshaw show, 2 years ago, harry styles turned up, on his own, in the evening production office with 2 big bags of burgers and shared them around. - there was a phase where harry would just turn up at radio 1, late at night, to sit in on nick grimshaw’s show - which use to be on in the evening. now this continued when grim moved to breakfast as well. there were times when he was just here. i remember there was one morning where i turned up and he was just here… i mean he was lying on the sofa when i turned up, one day.” (x)

Scott reveals 

“However, Harry will always make sure you’re alright. Even if he’s really busy he’s like ‘Are you alright? Do you want a coffee? Some ice-cream? Fruit or chocolate flavour?”

“I was like ‘Aw bless you.’” (x)

  • Nadia: I don't want to watch you do yoga naked
  • Nick Grimshaw: That's a little bit nasty

Right, well I’m calling my baby Baby then.

— Nick when Matt wouldn’t let him call his next pet Stinky Baby

sometimes i’m amazed that the breakfast show has enough of a following for shit on the show to TREND ON TWITTER 

like that’s how you know for sure the audience demographics have changed



i still have no idea why this happened


but why is nick like this…………..



This is an anonymous gift fic exchange. You will be writing a fic for someone else based on their requests while someone else is writing a fic especially for you based on your requests. Not only do you get a fic written just for you and tailored to your liking, but the whole fandom/ship gets a huge influx of new fic for everyone to read! The fics will be anonymous at first (revealed a month or so down the line), so it does not matter who wrote what fic and for whom. Everyone is welcome to write fics, and everyone’s work will be appreciated.


Ao3 collection page

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Important Dates: (all dates & times are in Pacific Time)

Sign Up Opens: Sunday July 27th, 2014 at 12am

Sign Up Closes: Friday August 27th, 2014 at 11:59pm

Assignments Due: Sunday October 26th, 2014 at 11:59pm

Works Revealed: Monday October 27th, 2014 at 3pm

Authors Revealed: Thursday November 27th, 2014 at 3pm

Other important information:

All fics must be at least 3000 words in length. As with ice cream, bottles of nail polish, and cute clothes, more is always better, and there is no maximum length. However, there should be no shame or injury if for whatever reason you are only able to churn out the minimum amount of words. I think I speak for everyone when I say that every crumb of fic we can get in this fandom is very much appreciated.

This exchange is being organized primarily by Maya (frombehindthesun/restingonhislaurels), with help from Zee (fionastyles) and Clare (haroldlowe).

If you would like to submit a graphic/drawing or offer help of any kind, please feel free to submit it or send me a message. Any/all help is much appreciated.

Even if you don’t feel like you can or want to participate, please help signal boost so that we can get as many authors and as much fic as possible.

How to contact:

Either through the blog ask, or through my 1d sideblog (restingonhislaurels) ask or my personal (frombehindthesun) ask. If the message is really important/long/urgent, you can e-mail me at mvgrossman@gmail.com (please include your Ao3 username and any other important information).

Sign ups open in 5 days! I hope you’re all excited as I am!